Thanks to its glass fiber reinforcement, GRC is flexible and highly durable in addition to its ability to provide unrestricted forms. These features make GRC very long-lasting.


According to Nonflammability DIN 4102 norm, it is A-1 and it keeps its integrity against flame.


GRC, which is produced in the factory environment by recycling waste, uses less concrete and steel, minimizing the noise and water amount in the construction.It is significantly environment-friendly in this sense.


GRC, which is produced at the factory and brought to the field of application, can be mounted quickly by using various equipment and assembly techniques, thus significantly reducing the construction time.


The GRC is thinner as a characteristic feature and is much lighter than conventional concrete and pre-stressed precast concrete. Its shell structure and 1.5 mm thickness make GRC indispensable


GRC, which is water and sound insulated due to its nature, provides thermal insulation with the application of stone wool to be applied to the panels according to TS 825 without the need for additional insulation.


GRC FİBERTON serves with an understanding of absolute quality. Production process is carried out according to ISO 9001 quality management system. Thus, GRC FIBERTON products can always be produced with the same quality. GRC FIBERTON products have TSE 12467 certificate. GRC FIBERTON products have CE certificate. GRC FIBERTON products are manufactured according to the standards determined by GRCA. GRC FIBERTON products are produced in Mersin facilities that provide suitable weather conditions for GRC production and thus they have high quality characteristics. GRC FIBERTON products provide more economical and faster transportation due to the advantageous logistics facilities.

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GRC Fiberton is a company integrated with the world, that deems to R&D activities important.


GRC Fiberton knows the value of time because of its sector knowledge, and it is fast thanks to efficient planning and time management.


GRC Fiberton is always dynamic and solution-oriented thanks to its innovative architecture and installation solutions and the logistical advantages of Mersin.


GRC Fiberton is creative with its creative ideas and detail solutions, its façade solutions which are compatible with other facade elements and which make a difference.


GRC Fiberton is competitive with high material quality, uninterrupted production capability, reasonable prices and service facilities by utilizing its regional advantages.


It determines the needs of your projects and offers appropriate solutions.